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Vintage Lion-Maru Coin Purse 1970s Japanese Pendant Case (Kaiketsu)

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$100.00 USD
Vintage 4" Lion Maru Pendant Coin Case  made in Japan during the 1970s featuring  Kaiketsu.
  • They are in very good condition with light wear.
  • Rare AF

Lion-Maru (ライオン丸 Raionmaru) is a Japanese tokusatsu television franchise that began in 1972 created by Ushio, Shôji, P Productions as Kaiketsu Lion-Maru. The basic premise of the series is that the main character has the ability to transform into a superpowered anthropomorphic lion, usually wielding a katana. The original two series were set in feudal Japan and were, essentially, tokusatsu versions of the samurai dramas that were extremely popular at the time. The 2006 program, Lion-Maru G, is set in the near future, but still uses the samurai motif for the designs of the main characters.

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