Who, What, Why Captivated.com

Jeff here and this is the part where I want to be transparent for the sake of trust and exposure disclosure for the better of toy game and humanity.

I have a huge collection that got out of hand yet the toys I sell are indeed aftermarket yet the figures available were not acquire during an initial release primarily for resale. With that said, there are figures that I have ordered online and didn't like them as much in person or sometimes I've grabbed a couple with the intentions on painting/kitbash one but have changed my mind. But again, my collection has grown too big and I do need to get rid of stuff, so that's when this site started adding all these art toys, prior to that this website did exist for a moment consisting just a few items of original art, prints, apparel and the likes from myself and the art of my friends.

I do buy a lot of toys including entire collections from a few that just want out and quick cash rather than play the eBay or whatever reseller game of trust that for the most part works out ok if you have patience. Ideally I buy under retail or current rate based on supply/demand that hopefully will still be able to sell for a few bucks eventually but in the meantime I am able to enjoy them myself.

I love my collection but I don't care to hold on to them all forever. Sure there are a few I wouldn't mind being buried with but I'll admit I'm a bit biased and appreciate creations of my own the most if I had to generalize this statement. But even those tend to go at a faster pace than items I've acquired otherwise. We have limited time and space on this earth I just gotta keep moving, and keep making stuff. I don't know why but I cannot stop.

I've always wanted to do my own multiple figure production and still think about it time to time but I think there is enough trash in the world for me to up-cycle into something wanted again. That and/or I'm too lazy or unmotivated perhaps. I know getting someone else to make 50 items for me that I can sell for $50-200 each is a lot more profit efficient than if I made 50 unique items by hand which I'd sell for the same, yet I find the process of what I do currently a bit more satisfying. Money isn't my primary motive here.

I tried to make it as an artist years ago and quit in 2004 or so because it didn't pay the bills, plus my art sucked (more than it does now) and I found myself creating things just to make a buck. I hate that. So I worked my ass off on other stuff to finally get to a point where I can take a breather and just do my art again for artsake. 

I wrote all this because I know some people hate flippers but I personally think that's a trick, why would someone not love flipping since the perception of added value is usually the end result. But perhaps those that do are more pure at heart than myself.

I've been wearing toys on ropes or chains as necklace since I was a youngin' but when discovered sofubi pendants my eyes lit up again. So I really enjoy the smaller figures for that reason which I paint and kitbash as well as custom resin figures as well.

Well that's that, now here is the old write up for the site when I didn't know what to say and tried to sound more mysterious and elusive:


An artist-owned and operated art gallery and art marketplace curating captivating collections of artwork from boundary-breaking independent artists.

We support artists by providing easy reach and access to buy original artwork, designer toys, purchase prints and exclusive apparel and limited merchandise.

Acquire captivating works of art conveniently with confidence whether you're a serious art collector or casual contemporary art lover just looking for something small to hang or gift.

Captivated.com is a creative collaboration combining efforts and coming together to do what we love without the aspects of a starving artist while preserving artist integrity.

- "It's the American dream to be a sellout." (Sean Piece August 03, 2003)