Founded in the fall 2018 after the fall of MEDIA in 2017, an evolution extending beyond what was before it wasn't anymore. 

Captivated serves the sleepless dreamers, pop-culture prophets and subculture messiahs as a dedication to Andy-Christ, Augustus, Charlie and Mr. Leonard Loverne. RIP.

An artist-owned and operated art gallery and art market curating captivated collections of artwork from boundary-breaking independent artists.

We support artists by providing reach and easy access opportunities buy original artwork, purchase prints and exclusive apparel and limited merch.

Acquire captivating works of art conveniently with confidence whether a serious art collector or purchasing something small to hang or gift.

Captivated.com is a creative collaboration combining efforts coming together to do what we love without starving artist aspects not being a *sell-out.


*Sell-Out, Sellout, or Selling out (via Urban Dictionary):

  • Anyone who sacrifices artistic integrity in an effort to become more successful or popular (generally in music); someone who forgets their roots.
    - "It's the American dream to be a sellout." (Sean Piece August 03, 2003)