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Vintage Koutetsushin Jeeg Onda Japan Sofubi Hiroshi, Amaso, Mimashi, Himika Rare 70s Soft Vinyl Figure Set

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Vintage 1970s Japan set of four Robot Jeeg / Kōtetsushin Jīgu gashapon sofubi soft vinyl figures by Onda.

  • Set includes; Hiroshi Shiba, Amaso, Queen Jou Himika and Ikima.
  • All Four Rare Vintage Figures
  • Each measures approximately 12 cm.

The story of Koutetsushin Jeeg takes place fifty years after the original and features a new cast of characters—primarily the new main character Kenji Kusanagi, a high school student and motorcycle racer who becomes Koutetsushin Jeeg to fight the sudden reappearance of "Haniwa Genjin" ("Haniwa Phantom Gods", or clay robots) from the Great Jama Kingdom ruled by Queen Himika. Other characters include Tsubaki Tamashiro (granddaughter of Miwa Uzuki) and Kyo Misumi, Kenji's partners.

Back Ground: 1975, Kyushu. The war against the Great Jama Kingdom is turning against the Japanese Security Forces. During a violent clash between Queen Himika and her generals against the first Jeeg, piloted by Hiroshi Shiba, the bronze bell embedded within Jeeg activates and he is transported to the crater of an extinct volcano. There, he grasps a giant sword, creating an energy vortex that surrounds the entire island. Dark clouds swirl and Kyushu is engulfed in an impenetrable space, later dubbed the "zone." All communication with Kyushu ceases. As years go by with no change in the zone recorded, people and even the world's governments lose their interest in the zone, and the world moves on. The Japanese Government, however, decides to build a new Build Base to watch over the zone in preparation for a possible attack.


  • Hiroshi Shiba (司馬 宙, Shiba Hiroshi) - The one called the "Original Jeeg", Hiroshi is a Cyborg Human who fought alongside Miwa 50 Years Ago but with a price of losing Miwa to the Zone. After 50 Years, he was reunited with Miwa, appeared alongside Kenji and the others to permanently finish the Great Jama Kingdom once and for all. His ability is Change Cyborg, which lets him change his form to Jeeg's head which then connected to the Original Jeeg Parts provided by the Big Shooter.
  • Queen Himika - The queen of the Haniwa Empire and creator of the phantom gods. She seeks the Bronze Bell as well as revenge against the Build Base for her defeat fifty years ago. At the last episode she fuses with her three subordinates to form an extremely powerful demon named Susanoh.
  • Ikima - The unofficial leader of Himika's subordinates, is armed with a sword and primarily uses elemental magic based on lightning. · Amaso - One of Himika's three subordinates, appears as a gecko with crystals all over his body he can shoot and primarily uses elemental magic based on fire.
  • Mimashi - One of Himika's three subordinates, primarily uses elemental magic based on water, and wields a sword.