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Gekko Kamen

Vintage Gekko Kamen MoonLight Mask Pencil Case Magnetic Pen Holder 1980's Stationery

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$200.00 USD

Vintage GEKKO KAMEN MoonLight Man 1980's Stationery Magnetic Pencil case Popy

This super rare Japanese collectible recently sold in 2019 on eBay fetching over $179.

  • Size approx. 5.5" x 9" inch
  • Condition: New old stock with slight wear from age.
  • Availability: Rare/Scarce
  • Item Identification Marking: No-3020 D 

Moonlight Mask (月光仮面 Gekkō Kamen) (a.k.a. The Moonbeam Man)[1] is a fictional superhero that has appeared in Japanese tokusatsu and anime television shows and movies since his TV debut in 1958. The six theatrical films were made (between 1958-1959) in black and white/ToeiScope format.[2] Created by writer Kōhan Kawauchi, Moonlight Mask is best described as Japan's answer to The Lone Ranger, Batman and Zorro. Moonlight Mask's popularity resulted in the appearance of several other Japanese superhero characters soon thereafter, including Iron Sharp a.k.a. Space Chief (from 1961's Invasion of the Neptune Men).[3] and the Planet Prince TV series (1958)[4] Kawauchi followed-up the success of Moonlight Mask with the tokusatsu superhero shows Seven Color Mask (1959) and Messenger of Allah (1960), both starring a young Sonny Chiba.

Produced by Popy, Bullmark, and/or Bandai but may be unlicensed bootleg knock off ultra-rare as well.