Toy Pizza Chakan Blue Warrior RAK Edition Forever Man Action Figure SEGA Glyos System Compatible

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Limited DCON exclusive Toy Pizza x RAK edition Chakan Blue Warrior, The Forever Man action figure with accessories. Packaged in custom carded clamshell case. Based on the comic book and video game character by RAK, sculpted by James Groman and released by Toy Pizza with this towering figure entering the pantheon of friends (and foes) of the Knights of the Slice!

Chakan is a warrior so confident in his swordsmanship that he declares even Death cannot best him in battle. Death appears and challenges Chakan and if Chakan can defeat him, he will be granted eternal life. However, if Death wins, Chakan will become Death's eternal servant. The battle rages on for several days until Chakan emerges as the victor. Death grants him his reward, but additionally condemns him to wander all of existence until all supernatural evil is destroyed. The gift is actually a curse! 

Chakan the Forever Man is © 2020 RAK Graphics. Used under license by Eerie Theory Entertainment. Note: Adult Collectible. This is not a Toy. Ages 15+.