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Sunguts Nazobohm Nazobole Sofubi Hyakki Yako Kaiju Soft Vinyl Figure GID w/ Blue

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Sunguts Nazobohm  Sofubi Hyakki Night Tour Series Nazobole Soft Vinyl Yōkai Figure Blue Glow in the Dark Version

  • Name: Nazobole / Nazobohm / Nazoböme
  • Blue Painted on Glow in the Dark Version
  • Material: Soft Vinyl Size:
  • Height Approximately: 150mm / 6" inches
  • Parts: 2 parts
  • Made in Japan
  • Adult collectible. Not a toy for children.
  • Rarity: SCARCE / Difficult to Find

Hyakki Yakō, variation: Hyakki Yagyō, (百鬼夜行, "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons") is a concept in Japanese folklore. It is a parade which is composed of a hundred kinds of yōkai. Definition It is said that demons and yōkai walks through the streets of Japan as a parade. According to the account in the Shūgaishō (拾芥抄), a medieval Japanese encyclopedia, the only way to be kept safe from the night parade if it were to come by your house is to stay inside on the specific nights associated with the Chinese zodiac or to chant the magic spell: "KA-TA-SHI-HA-YA, E-KA-SE-NI-KU-RI-NI, TA-ME-RU-SA-KE, TE-E-HI, A-SHI-E-HI, WA-RE-SHI-KO-NI-KE-RI" (カタシハヤ, エカセニクリニ, タメルサケ, テエヒ, アシエヒ, ワレシコニケリ)