Republicans Attack! Paranoid Fantasies in 36 Subversive Trading Card Set Kitchen Sink Press

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Republicans Attack! trading cards, mint in box, from Kitchen Sink Press. Vintage 1992. 36 full color subversive trading cards, with 4 bonus cards. Ross Pirot wildcard included, along with 2 cards advertising Kitchen Sink items. This was before the internet was widely used for selling products, so we see a toll free phone number and an address where you can send a check. These cards are a satirical shot at President Bush and friends, patterned after the classic early-1960s cult classic…

Kitchen Sink Press was a comic book publishing company founded by Denis Kitchen in 1970. Kitchen Sink Press was a pioneering publisher of underground comics, and was also responsible for numerous republications of classic comic strips in hardcover and softcover volumes. One of their best-known products was the first full reprint of Will Eisner's The Spirit—first in magazine format, then in standard comic book format. The company closed in 1999.

  • Complete Set of 36 cards, 1 checklist, 1 credits card and 2 advertisement cards includingRobert Crumb sketch
  • Card set in original box package and great condition