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Real Head

RealxHead Chaosman Sofubi Junkspot Japan Exclusive Green Black Metallic Soft Vinyl Designer Toy Figure

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$84.00 USD

The Chaosman form combines the Mutant Chaos head with the regular Mutant arms and body. The Chaosman combination seems like it functions much better as Chaos’s everyday form working alongside his fellow Mutants. The Chaosman design works really well with either contrasting spray styles on the head and body, or unified with one paint scheme across the whole figure like seen here. This particular Chaosman is from the Junkspot shop in Japan released as a store exclusive from an event a few years back. We also see here the bandanna that has become common (but not definitive) on Real x Head Mutant releases. On the Chasoman design, the bandanna does a great job of hiding the neck joint and bringing the pieces together even better. You can even pull the bandanna up over the face for a ‘bandito’ look to your figure! -

  • Artist: Mori Katsura
  • Manufacturer: RealxHead
  • Type: Kaijin (Sea Monster)
  • Platform: Mutant Chaosman
  • Series: Chaosman
  • Size: 6.0
  • Material: Sofubi
  • Release: 2007
  • Made in Japan

Adult Collectible. Not a kids toy.