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Prom King & Queen of Universe 3030 pla mashup statue disfigured toy art by AEQEA

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Which one do you want to take home from prom?
One of them sits down but refuses to stand but I won’t mention any names. The dude is pretty legit but is probably a bottom soft boi princess low key. He legit eats m&m’s all day and does handless masturbation listening to anime soundtracks while looking at old things that held soap or some shit on eBay. What’s her face though, she will fuck you up if you say anything about her not having arms. She smokes weed and trips sometimes she claims but in reality she is probably always tripping cuz she talks about signals and weird ass dimensional shit that would get me kicked out of church if I even mentioned that stuff in or within 100 feet of any church probably if I ever happen to be at such a place. I’m actually gonna go pray right now. For you though. Please reciprocate.

Separate them for a single eternity and crush the other’s spirit by choosing just one and it will protect you until they meet again. Take them both home and now you have to babysit both brats forever.

  • Prom King articulated hands and stands approximately 11.5 inches.
  • Prom Queen articulated tights and knees sits at approximately 7.25 inches or 13 inches tall thought cannot stand on its own but can be hung.

*Keep away from heat or direct sunlight and do not feed after midnight to prevent warping as a result of being too soft. - AEQEA