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Paradise Toys

Paradise Toy Kaiju Hunting Invisible Set feat Dehara, T9G, Kontasu, Uamou, Shoko, Dan

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$200.00 USD

Paradise Toys presents the Kaiju Hunting Invisible Set of sofubi hunting figure series of 6 figures.

  • 100% New in Box - Never Displayed
  • Six (6) Figures Total
  • Rare Invisible Series 1 - First Release
  • Size: approximately 3 inches
  • Material: Japanese soft vinyl
  • Color: Clear Translucent

Figures Included:

  • BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Uamou
  • Kumanba by Konatsu
  • Rasogimasu by T9G
  • Satoshi Yamamoto (Hunter) by Dehara Yukinori
  • Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa
  • Triboo by Dan