Enjoy Origami Fun [Japanese Import w/ English translation] (2005)

Enjoy Origami Fun [Japanese Import w/ English translation] (2005)

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Cute! Enjoying Origami is a bilingual (Japanese and English) children's origami book.

Part One is simple origami example a dog faces.

Part Two is Popular Origami example the crane, play origami example airplane, transformation example cup, and fashion example the shirt.

Part Three Interesting Origami story origami give you example of folding a bird or boat while telling a story , double origami paper deals with two color origami like shuriken, big paper origami like the glove, triangular-paper origami like the water melon.

The book has pages for origami symbol and rules of basic folding, some pages has on the bottom corner for suggestions like using different types of paper, how to play with the toys like the shuriken, etc. Also make sure kids can decorate their origami, they also might need scissors and glue for some projects.

While this book is made for younger kids in mind I thinks adults would enjoyed it too.

  • Binding: Tankobon Hardcover
  • Publisher: Shufunotomo
  • EAN: 9784072461037
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  • Languages: Japanese