Nanga Gaaacy Gercy Retro Gokkodo Deadstock Duck Keychain Pendant Charm Mascot

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NANGA mini figure keychain of GAAACY, a popular mascot character of Nanga Japan. Available in three colors including a green Gaaacy with phosphorescent coat. 

Designed/produced by Nanga/Natal Design and sculpted by Goccodo the puffa jacket-wearing Gaaacy originally created for the popular Kitan Club as a "Fuchiko-san" which is a figure for sitting on a mug or glass drinkware rather than a shelf or display case.

The Nanga Gaaacy duck figure has become a highly sought after collectible figure designer toy but also popular among mountain climbers and streetwear brand enthusiasts for use as an accessory pendant charm for outdoor gear, including sleeping bags, backpacks and keychains.

  • Highly Sought After Collectible
  • Ultra Rare Limited Retro Figure
  • Mini Figure Height About 4cm
  • Brand name NANGA
  • Colors: Green, Red, Blue
  • Material PVC (using non-phthalate plasticizer)