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Mister E

Mister E Authentic Benny Bill $100 Fake Money Street Art Print

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$16.00 USD

One authentic limited edition Benny bill art currency $100 dollar bill print by the Miami based artist Mister E's Stack Series purchased in 2017. 

A super colorful pop art piece that blends the world of fine art and street art straight from the heart of Miami's Art Basel district. Features vibrant colors that look more gorgeous in person and comes unframed and shipped within a protective mylar or cellophane sleeve.

*Art print, not legal tender, not intended to be used as real currency or counterfeit money. 


About the artist:

Through his diverse body of work, Mister E provokes viewers to think about money in a totally different way than ever before. His colorful painting of the 2009 series $100 bill titled "Benny Jr.", has quickly become recognized internationally. As his work has evolved, he has changed the way in which people view money.

His goal is to take away the evil connotation that most associate with money, and instead use it as a symbol for motivation, inspiration & freedom. "Money certainly doesn't equal happiness, but it can equal freedom" -Mister E.