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Mandkesvara Yab-Yum Tibetan Buddha Hevajra Tantric Bronze Gild Statue Erotic Buddhist Vajrayana Figure 4.3"

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Mandkesvara, known universally as the “Happy Buddha” and as Yab-Yum in Tibetan (literally “Father-Mother”), represents the male divinity in sexual union with his consort.Sexual symbolism is a central teaching in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The use of erotic practices is seen as leading to Enlightenment through the symbolic union between the woman (representing wisdom) and the man *representing method). Their function is to make visible the union of the female and male energies present in every living being and to bring them together to reach perfect harmony.

Tibet Tibetan Buddhism Bronze Gild Mandkesvara Yab-Yum Buddha Statue in great condition created by an unknown artist, crafted in a traditional style with very fine hand craftsmanship.Incredible handwork and very fine detailing on this piece make it an excellent addition your valued collection, new collectors, personal alter or gift. 
  • Material: Bronze
  • Size About: 4.3" x 2.4" x 1.8" inches
  • Weight About: 315G / 0.69 Ib
  • Condition: Good condition
  • Origin: China