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Hasnotalent Bootleg Imperial Krayt Trooper Custom Resin Action Figures

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$88.00 USD

Set of 2 Hasnotalent bootleg Star Imperial Krayt Trooper resin action figures. Both one of a kind colorway customs Hasnotalent Imperial Krayt Troopers made with Hasnotalent signature 5 point magnetic articulation.

The magnets articulation connections work universally between figures with correctly aligned magnets for easy BAF changeability so the limbs and heads will attach to either green or black torso perfectly.

Both figures stand and display beautifully with other 3.75 or 1:18 scale Sci-fi action figures. Photos do not capture the intricate details of these figures. Hasnotalent is no longer producing these figures which were very limited and thus very rare.

This set of figures include:

  • 2x sets hand made resin cast skull shoulder pads with metal chains
  • 1x green flake custom created one of a kind krayt axe
  • 2x interchangeable torsos; 1 gold and 1 green
  • 1x black limb set
  • 1x green flake limb set with 1 green leg and yellow boot.
  • 1x bonus gold helmet head

Look for Hasnotalent on Instagram to read more about the creator's lore around these figures and fan-fiction backstory.