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Handmade Flesh Monster Pendant One Eye Fang Tooth Face Kaiju Custom Kaijuwelry

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$60.00 USD
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$60.00 USD

One-of-a-kind handmade Flesh Monster pendants sculpted and painted by hand. Each piece is unique with every single detail creating a captivating and luxurious work of wearable art.

Pendant measures 1 1/2” tall wide and 1 3/4”tall. This necklace comes with a 22” long brown suede corded necklace. Every item is individually hand sculpted, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Hand-sculpted with polymer clay, a wonderful medium used by many artists that bakes hard with a plasticine finish that is durable, light weight, water resistant and non toxic. 

  • Each is One-of-a-Kind Handmade by LittleWhimsicalCharms
  • Bagged on Hand-Painted Custom Header Card by AEQEA
  • Pendant size measures approx. 1.75” x 1.5”
  • Includes 22" inch Brown Suede Corded Rope Necklace

*This is an art piece made by hand that may be more delicate and fragile but more often more unique and harder to replace so this item requires extra care.