Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle (DVD, Import, Region 2, 2004)
Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle (DVD, Import, Region 2, 2004)
Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle (DVD, Import, Region 2, 2004)

Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle (DVD, Import, Region 2, 2004)

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Members of a warrior clan are being mysteriously beheaded at Gojoe Bridge. A former Buddhist monk and his grave robbing sidekick set out to unmask and destroy the powerful evil forces that lurk at Gojoe. A lavishly produced, special effects-filled, super-charged samurai fantasy!

An extravagant adventure fantasy in the samurai tradition, GOJOE: THE SPIRIT WAR CHRONICLE is a special effects-filled joyride with that increasingly anomalous trait: a thoughtful story. Benkei is a former warrior who has become a Buddhist monk, but when the GoJoe Bridge turns into the scene of a massacre, with an unknown force beheading countless Heike soldiers, he receives the call to fight via a Sanskrit inscription that appears on his chest. He joins forces with an unlikely ally, Testukichi, a sword scavenger who robs corpses and has no use for Benkei's Buddhist tendencies. The two discover that their opponent is not a demon fulfilling a famous prophecy, as rumor would have it, but a fallen prince determined to reclaim his power. After the prince murders Benkei's superior monk, Benkei finds the strength to overcome his misgivings regarding violence and vanquish the enemy that menaces the GoJoe Bridge.

Features: Behind the Scenes Featurette, Original Trailer. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese with English Subtitles.


  • Author: Masatoshi Nagase
  • Brand: Geneon
  • Type: DVD
  • Format: Multiple Formats
  • Release Date: 28-09-2004
  • Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches
  • Languages: English, Japanese

Exhilarating and breathtakingly photographed. --MidnightEye.com

About the Actor: Tadanobu Asano is a Japanese actor and musician. He is known for his roles in Electric Dragon 80.000 V, Ichi the Killer, Bright Future, Zatoichi, Last Life in the Universe, Survive Style 5+, The Taste of Tea, Mongol, Battleship, 47 Ronin and Thor, based on the Marvel Comics character. (Wikipedia)

About the Director: Sogo Ishii directed Burst City, an action film about a wild gang of quasi-mutant bikers who ride into a town staging protests against the construction of a nearby nuclear reactor plant. The film starred members of Japanese punk bands The Roosters, The Rockers, The Stalin and Inu, among others. He became a favorite among rebel and punk cineastes in Japan. The film is also credited as a precursor to the underground Japanese cyberpunk movement that emerged later in the decade. Ishii directed Electric Dragon 80.000 V, a black-and-white 55-minute film starring Tadanobu Asano and Masatoshi Nagase, in 2001. (Wikipedia)