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Dollar Slice Bootlegs

Dollar Slice Bootlegs Shacka Kong Resin Art Toy Five Points Fest

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$225.00 USD
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$225.00 USD
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$225.00 USD

"What’s Shaka Kong look like? No one can really tell. He’s chonging 24x7 like a machine so just like a choo-choo train, there’s always a clouds of smoke hovering around his head n pouring out his banana muncher! Guess you’ll have to find out what he looks like under there by ordering one!! For the smoke cloud effect I had to attach it loosely as possible, so unfortunately it comes off with the sneeze of a mouse... oh wells!!! All pieces are hand made in a painstaking manner with uttermost attention to detail." - DSB

  • Hand sculpted by Keidi Merekivi
  • Hand cast resin
  • Hand painted
  • 5pts magnetic articulation
  • Shaka Bong accessory
  • Weed cloud accessory
  • Jar of weed accessory
  • Surfboard accessory
  • Acrylic window resealable box
  • Shaka Kong sticker