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ICKY RAT Super Nerd AEQEA Custom Artist Figure Resin Art Toy with Hand-Painted Cardback

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$60.00 USD
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$60.00 USD

Extremely limited custom resin toy art figure with hand-painted card on clamshell. Sculpture, molding and resin casted designer toy from your boy AEQEA.

  • ICKY RAT 1-of-1 Super Nerd Version
  • Designed and customized by anti-artist AEQEA
  • Dual sided design has two faces for double the pleasure.
  • Super rare, one-off custom one of a kind edit.
  • Not a bootleg toy or knockoff toy.
Less than two dozen of these figures produced, each one unique customized with one-of-a-kind hand-painted colorway and modifications.