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Image Comics

Complete Multiple Warheads Image Comics Graphic Novel

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Ex-organ smuggler Sexica and her werewolf boyfriend Nikoli travel across a sci-fi/fantasy version of Russia while the hardcore organ hound Blue Nura tracks a bounty across radioactive wastelands. From Booklist Organ-smuggler Sexica lives with her mechanic boyfriend, Nikoli, who is part werewolf, thanks to a salacious bit of surgery. After their apartment in Dead City is destroyed by a falling spaceship, they leave settled life behind, get in the car, and travel across the wasteland of the future, sure that they need nothing but each other. Graham’s first comic has long been out of print, but Image rectifies that with new editions collecting every issue. There is a lot here for fans of odd stories to enjoy, but don’t expect a linear plot. Graham’s stories are random snapshots of life on the road, interspersed with the adventures of Nura, another smuggler. His highly detailed, offbeat art ties everything together. Like he does with the nonlinear plot, he eschews ordinary panels, allowing the illustrations to tumble over themselves excitedly. Readers will want to savor the myriad details and silly puns. Though Graham has some older teen appeal, a particularly graphic sex scene at the end of the book makes this one for adults only. --Snow Wildsmith

  • Author: Graham, Brandon
  • Brand: Image Comics
  • Edition: Illustrated
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Format: Illustrated
  • Number Of Pages: 208
  • Release Date: 21-01-2014
  • Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 6.7 x 0.4 inches
  • Languages: English