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Corporation For Advanced Energy Training

C.A.E.T. Codec Diagrams and Charts Almanac #1 (metascience art book)

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C.A.E.T. CODEC DIAGRAMS AND CHARTS ALMANAC (Corporation For Advanced Energy Training Codec Metascience Book)

We proudly present for your edification, the C.A.E.T. CODEC DIAGRAMS AND CHARTS ALMANAC, (Book-01 in a series of seven). This jumbo sized (12 by 18 inch), sixty-four paged, fully color-illustrated volume makes up a part of the large body of work, that is called; the C.A.E.T. EDU. CODEC CURRICULUM. The lessons herein teach students how to build a virtual/mental machine, "the Temporal Decompression Device" (T.D.D.). The purpose of this simulated apparatus is to help those who take initiative and learn to build it, to then also benefit from the mechanism and its ultimate purposes. The prime directive of C.A.E.T., these lessons and the T.D.D. is to help broaden the scope of awareness and expand the understanding of the reality we share, but then also individually create. TELEPATHY, INNER DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL, LEVITATION, REMOTE-VIEWING, OUTER DIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION, TELEPORTATION, NECROPHONICS, DIVINATION, are just a few of the many potentials YOU too can eventually learn by teaching yourself, with a little help from us, your new friends!



CORPORATION FOR ADVANCED ENERGY TRAINING; a newly emerging metascience, by which the use of various creative techniques, that include a wide array of clinical study, experimentation and in-depth documented evaluation, has allowed us to meticulously delve deep into areas of cutting-edge systems theory, specifically as is applied towards human psychology and the learned art/practice of self evaluation.

We have now developed and implemented these discovered applications, (by way of organic processing) and by doing so, have realized new and improved ways in which an individual (you the student) can aptly gauge your own personal worth. NOT on any perceived success or accomplishment, but rather on the mere awareness and subsequent revelry in truly recognizing and appreciating your own, personal existence.

Our lessons encourage the comprehension and practicle implementation (through various formulas created by you the student) of these universal concepts, so that with time and focused contemplation, you can truly realize and more accurately interpret who you are, beyond the societal programming that you have been inundated with since birth. Look inward, then look up, and by doing so 'connect' accordingly. 


It is important that you keep in consideration that this curriculum is designed to function on at least several different levels. While a *STRAIGHTFORWARD APPROACH of treating the lessons herein, like you would go about studying for any other detailed course of education (following each set of instructions in sequence) might work for some of you, a much more intuitive, **LAID-BACK METHOD may prove beneficial to others.

  1. STRAIGHTFORWARD APPROACH:​ Systematically going through each book step by step, following the instructions and prompts as they are presented; as to achieve a classically scholastic comprehension of the lessons and functions presented within.
  2. LAID-BACK METHOD: Using the material in a more spontaneous way, much like you might approach a book of various short stories, where in which the sequence of what is read is not of significant importance.​