AEQEA Pizza Party Pass Invite Original Art on Money Customized $20 Bill

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Original artwork on $20 bill, with regret by AEQEA

Artist Statement: "Sorry for making this." - AEQEA 

From original Instagram post:

Super offensive artwork maybe racist, fake and gay but authentic official legal tender note printed by the federal reserve and not counterfeit money and $20 dollars is $333.33 dollars.

Bought an #occultbook from the #illuminati and got this #goldenticket cash back!!!! 🍕
Swipe for hype cuz yer boy just got a pass to #pizza**** party 2019!
Anyone wanna go? I have a dentist appointment so willing to let this go for $300 or 1,000,000 #dogecoin 🍕
Pizza**** is suppose to make #berghain seem like #chuckiecheese I read on a tweet but you might wanna google it in case dress code.