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Baketan Eto Cat Vinyl Artist Gacha Necklace Customized Heat Cyclops Pendant by AEQEA

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$50.00 USD
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$50.00 USD

One-of-a-kind Baketan's Eto Cat customized by AEQEA into HEAT-Oenun, a one-eyed cyclops cat in heat.

This hand-painted Vinyl Artist Gacha toy necklace was punched into a pendant with roped connection and lucky bead.

  • One-Off Custom Pendant Designer Toy Figure Necklace
  • Authentic Vinyl Artist Gacha Series 1
  • Rope Size Approximately: 28 inches
  • High gloss finish protective coating!

*This is art pieces coated with extra gloss finish to help protect the hand-painted design however these pieces require care to keep them and stay fresh.