AEQEA Cosmic Gregg Goes to Singularity Space Rave Custom Carded Bootleg Resin Art Toy

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"Cosmic Greg trying to hit up the space rave because free Molly coin reward airdrop if you shown up before whatever o’clock. Autonomous Uber only taking DIME coins rn cuz Arby'™s promo. Dude gets to party and not people wearing mask have Vicks and not even real people and new to the scene. Door man says please drop debit card in the sanitation bucket. Greg is pissed because he only have Russian Moon coin trading account and has to switch lines and hope trade some his tight NFT cards quick with low gas, send to exchange and swap out in time. As Greg approaches to front, he sees his boy Glover and gets in free. Glover has always been super chill with greg ever since he gave two grams of Can-D to elevate out of inception but into nuniverse that yer boy AEQEA riding redlined transfixing new vibrations of sound on some Moxie earlier that year. The year is 2021z." - AEQEA

  • Size approximately 6.5 x 7 inches on custom card with resealable clam shell blister package.