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Garbage Pail Kids

African Garbage Pail Kids Udoti Udoli Fan Set Knockoff Zulu Gang Bootleg GPK Black Market Trading Cards

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Black Market Trading Card Company's African Udoti Udoli GPK fan set produced by African Warlords and distributed by Nigerian Scammers. This 30 card set comes in 6 packs and contains the entire Udoti Udoli Fan Set.

  • 6x Unopened Packs. 
  • Complete 30 Card Set

Fan Set 7 / Black Market Fan Set 1 / BMFS1

  • Year of Release: 2017
  • Language: Zulu
  • Name: Udoti Udoli
  • Number of cards: 30 Base Cards, 1 Bonus Card, 1 Header Card (Jumbo Pack Option)
  • Extras: 1 Bonus Card (B1) (Checked-out Chet) ** Hand numbered and limited to x/100
  • Number of sets produced: 200 (100 of each packaging style)
  • Notes: Fan Set 7 came with two different packaging options.  The first option consisted of six cello packs, 5 cards per pack with a piece of gum in each pack.  The second option was a cello ‘Jumbo’ style pack that had all 30 cards and a header card wrapped in clear cellophane.  The header card featured Ada Bomb.  100 sets of each packaging style were produced.