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Black Market Trading Cards

Garbage Pail Kids Cards Knockoff Vietnamese Bootleg GPK Fan Set Foreign Jumbo Pack

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Jumbo Pack

Following the Black Market African Udoti Udoli GPK fan set produced by African Warlords and distributed by Nigerian Scammers, the Black Market Trading Card Company is at it again. This time with Rac Thai Tre 'Em fan sets made in an undisclosed concentration camp by POWs in Vietnam!

These Vietnamese Rac Thai Tre 'Em GPK Parody Fan Set of trading cards from Black Market Trading Cards obviously based off the original Garbage Pail Kids cards but with a Vietnamese theme foreign fan set Jumbo Pack of 41 cards and a header card. These 41 cards are the entire run of the U.S. OS3 set with authentic Vietnamese names with all OS3 characters included. The card backs are a mixture of funny Vietnamese themed gags and other interesting GPK related items.

  • Each Jumbo Pack contains a complete fan set run of 41 cards.
  • 3 Header Card variations; Roy Bot, Hippie Skippy and Mugged Marcus.
  • The only difference is the header card. 

Fan Set 8 / Black Market Fan Set 2 / BMFS2

  • Year of Release: 2018
  • Language: Vietnamese / Vietnam
  • Name: Rac Thai Tre Em
  • Number of cards: 41 base cards, 3 different header cards
  • Extras: 1 Bonus Card (B2) Why Fight It
  • Number of sets produced: 300 total.  100 of each header card variant.
  • Notes: Fan Set 8 came 41 cards to a “Jumbo” cello style pack.  There were 3 variation packs available; Roy Bot, Hippie Skippy and Mugged Marcus.  100 packs of each character were produced.